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News : The Meeting of the Iran - Kyrgyz Joint Commission on International Road Transport

Subject:News Date:2019-07-21T19:30:00Z

The Meeting of the Iran - Kyrgyz Joint Commission on International Road Transport

​The Iran _ Kyrgyz meeting on international road transport hosted by Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization was held on July 9 - 10th, 2019 by participating delegations jointly chaired by Mr. Manuchehr Salmanzadeh, Director General of Dept. of Transit and Int’l Transport and Mr. Adylbek Akhmatov, Director of Road and Rail Transport Department of Kyrgyz Republic together with the representatives presence of transport and trade unions of both sides, led to signing MoU upon two days of intensive negotiations convened based on 1993 international road transport Agreement in between.
 Mr. Salmanzadeh inaugurated the meeting briefed on the measures being taken by RMTO enhancing transport efficiency while expressing hope for a stronger vision and continued:
"Following former agreements between the two countries and the permanent positive attitude of our Kyrgyz counterparts, to further remove any possible barriers on operating road transport companies as future targets of bilateral collaboration and considering some other major issues in bilateral trade, this meeting was organized."
In the course of meeting H.E. Mr. Abdurazakov, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Tehran, also pointed the meeting as a major step towards the development of bilateral relations and expressed strong hopes for the transport activists of both sides.
 Turning on the head of Kyrgyz delegation, Mr. Adelbeyk commenced speech appreciating Iranian Side hosting and regulating the intensive plans and expressed his gratitude to Iranian delegation, highlighting some aspects of potential capacity between the two sides.
Mr. Salmanzadeh, in conclusion, thanked the Kyrgyz delegation pointed out some more aspects of the prominent geographic location and the major influence of Iran in the Middle East on the logistical fields of cooperation between the two sides for cooperation with neighboring countries and access to the regional market.
Several important issues including exchange of the regulations on the permitted dimensions and weights, facilitating the issuance of drivers’ visas, cargo costs of the cargo transport, necessity of closer customs cooperation, third country loading issues, creation of cost-effective road transport and reducing commercial costs including trade data exchange, removing barriers on bilateral transport and loading trucks back, and finally impeding MoU on road maintenance and transportation services were held among topics of discussion.
Finalizing the meeting, both sides noted the importance of bilateral and regional agreements being inclusive and committed to ensuring the complement of the trade ties.
The Kyrgyz delegation, also visited the Iran Road Management Center and expressed their congratulations on due achievements.


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