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-Terms of Temporary Activity of International Passenger Companies Using Various Overseas Public Passenger Vehicles
The below – mentioned information is notified in relation to the temporary activity of international passenger companies using various overseas public passenger vehicles which have met the qualification declared  by the deportment of transit and Border terminals.
Article 1:
This collection of terms covers only international passenger transportation companies authorized to operate overseas (Here in after as company) and their operations in field of overseas passenger transportation with various passenger public vehicles are permissible after the meeting of the qualifications stipulated in the collection of Requirements and the obtaining of the permission from the Department of transit and Border Terminals in Road Transportation and Road maintenance and transportation org (here in after as Department). Evidently, the operation of companies having no license-with various overseas public passenger vehicles, including selling ticket for travel from Iran to foreign countries is forbidden and considered a violation.
The requirements for operation of transit passenger buses are those already declared and these buses are excluded from the declared requirements in the collection.

Article 2:
Considering social, economic circumstances and other factors such as efficiency or inefficiency of the existing companies and estimation of overseas travel supply and demand and under the concluded agreements and memorandums, the deportment will proceed the received applications.
Companies, obtaining primary approval of the department for their provisional operation with said vehicles in overseas sector, may conclude contract in desirable country or extend their previous contracts.
Companies shall, if inclined to send service overseas with said vehicles, provide the qualified vehicles according to department declared qualification, and use them overseas.

Article 3:
The validity of temporary license for operation of the vehicles overseas subject to this term is one year, being extendable in case the requirements stipulated in the collection of terms are met and after approval by the office.
Note 1:
Non-observance of any terms, stipulated there in or applicable rules will result in cancellation of the license.
Note 2:
The company is obliged, after one month as of the termination of contacts with foreign company, to inform so the office to determine the future of its activity.

Article 4:
The violations of this collection of terms by companies and drivers will be heard by the commission held under – Article 33 of the fifth chapter (violations)
Of the By – Law for Establishment and operation of international road passenger companies and institutes enacted on September 25, 1988 by state Higher council for coordination of Transportation.
This collection of terms is based on Article 9 the By-Law for transportation of passengers and goods and the cancellation of license and closure of road transportation institutes, executed in four Articles and 4 notes which shall enter into force from the date of approval.
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