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Procedure of Internal Transportation of Imported foreign Goods
1-This plan covers:
TV, Fridge, Freezer, Fridge and Freezer, Fabrics, cigarettes, tea, auto spare parts, computer spare parts

2-The mentioned procedure includes: transportation of goods from border regions to various destinations inside the country.

3-Before loading and issue of B/L for said goods, transportation companies and institutes are obliged to obtain "No – carriage – ban" certificate issued by the organization for Inspection and control of goods price and distribution and service in concerned place (hereafter and the organization), from consigner (the owner of goods or his/her agent).

4-Consigner (the owner of goods of his/her agent) shall submit the application in which origin, destination and volume of goods are inserted and along with custom positive document to the organization of the concerned place, to obtain the permission mentioned in Note 3

5-Having examined the documents showing that the goods are entered legally to country, the organization issues "No – carriage – ban" certificate in which the origin, the destination and volume of goods are inserted.
6- Obtaining the said certificate, the consigner (the owner and his/her agent) refers to one of internal transportation companies and institute and submits the certificate to it in order to carry the goods.

7-After loading and issue of B/L, Transportation Company or institute attaches the certificate issued by the organization to the B/L so that the driver can have it during the
journey. A copy of it is filed by the company or institute.

8-The transit and international transportation of the said cargo are subject to concerned requirements and conditions.

9-In case of non – observance of the provisions of this procedure by companies and institutes, the violation will be heard by the state transportation and terminals  Organization and related regulations are applied on them.
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