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Terms of Service in the Scope of Rural Passenger Transportation
To service in the scope of rural passenger Transportation the following articles are notified:
Article 1:
Rural passenger buses have general mentioned terms of this regulation for goods and passenger transit, permit cancellation time and suspension of road transportation institutes must also have the following Features:
1-1-    Engine least power according producer's standards, 275 hp
1-2-    Utmost the bus life based on the manufacturing Year, 7Years
1-3-    Least distance of seat 80cm and least angle of seat from the right angle, 180 and all of the chairs have washable and changeable cover
1-4-    Having suitable audio and video systems
1-5-    Having ready cooling and heating, according to the season of usage
1-6-    Equipped by water cooling system, hot water and electronically refrigerator
Article 2:
Active passenger companies in the scope of rural passenger transport should be covered by the insurance of public passenger vehicles, when travel to other countries.
Article 3:
Companies which are active in the scope of rural transportation should follow below services:
3-1- giving suitable service at the bus such as drinks including water, tea, fruit juice and eatables as proper and healthy packed nuts, chocolates, cake, biscuits to the passengers during the trip.
3-2- presenting newspaper or magazine at sufficient numbers at the beginning of the trip.
3-3- possibility of buying tickets of the company via network of the company
Article 4:
Drivers of rural passenger buses should not only have the above general conditions of transportation goods regulation, permit cancellation time, suspension of transportation institutes, but also should have following conditions:
4-1- having international driving license
4-2- married
4-3- being at least 26 years old, and at least 2 years of experience in rural roads
4-4- Not addicting to drugs (according to the confirmation of ministry of health, Treatment and Medical Education)
4-5- Doesn't have any criminal back ground and no limitation of driving the related vehicle
4-6- Having uniform, identification of the company with photo that has its name and family name.
Note: As there should be at least two drivers for rural transportation, therefore at least one of the drivers should have degree of guidance school or its equivalent.
Article 5:
The bus crows of rural passenger buses should have the following features:
5-1- At least 20 years old
5-2- Not addicting to and kind of drugs (according to Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education) or having the card of healthiness
5-3- Doesn't have criminal background
5-4- At least having the degree of guidance school or its equivalent
5-5- Having uniform identification of the company with photo that has its name and family name

Article 6:
Those companies which are active at rural transportation should represent and determine a person as a manager or technician in order to check the vehicle and its capability before travelling, according to related orders.
Article 7:
Those active rural passenger transportation companies can be at the priority of getting future facilities if they have possibilities for welfare and relaxation of passengers during the travel such as: having one chair raw of chairs, W.C, separated headphone and seat-belt for each chair, telephone, opinion polling papers, library at the rare of the bus with navigation systems and central controlling system, having educated driver and bus crow, also having higher educational degrees and educational certificate of authorized resources.
Article 8:
Companies which are active in the scope of rural transportation are obliged to follow all of the provisions of Establishing and Acting Regulations of International Road Transportation companies and Institutes.
Article 9:
Dealing with driver's and active transportation companies in the scope of rural passenger transportation are provisions of this regulation at commission subject of Article 33 and chapter 5 (infraction) of establishing and acting regulation of international road transportation companies and institutes that is approved by higher council of arranging transition of country on September 25 , 1988.
Note: It is obvious that dealing with related infractions at domestic passenger transportation activities are under the authority of related commissions.
Based on article 9 of passenger and goods transportation duration of canceling license and closed time of road transportation institutes, this set of regulation is provided at 9 articles and 2 notes, also based on submission authority of higher position of Ministry of Road and transportation with no. 7937/11 on September 17, 2000, this regulation is applicable on April 20, 2008.
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