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Khosravi Border Terminal
Geographical Situation:
Khosravi border terminal is placed in Kermanshah and in zero border line between Iran and Iraq. This border terminal is 19km off Ghasreshirin County which is 199km away from province center. It is to be noted that khaeghin is the nearest city of the opposite county with 7 km distance.
Construction Reasons:
After end of imposed war and political relations improvement between Iran and Iraq and two parties agreement for travelling Iranian pilgrims to holy shrines and state ground sources organizing responsibility under road maintenance and transportation Organization supervision with regard to Iranian pilgrims extensive welcoming to travel Iran and predicted trade relations development in this path, the necessity of construction this border become important. This border terminal is known as authorized official border by the act of cabinet on Nov.8, 1977.
International Relations:
As Iraq is placed in east-west corridor path which is main corridor for Asia and Europe transit, utilizing khosravi border terminal provides proper opportunity to this corridor become more active and by ordinary political, Social conditions in Iraq and transit facility in this country, Iran is become one of the main region's transit intersections and may play its important role as a main ring of east-west corridor to north-south corridor.
Opening khosravi border terminal may help to trade transactions development between Iran and Iraq and economic development among Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Ilam and activate these provinces in goods and passenger exchanges in transportation system. Also, may provide condition for domestic producers to export their goods to Iraq and through this country to other countries like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
Also the tourists in Iran and other countries in the region with some difficulties exists in this route have opportunity to use roadway vehicles through Iran and Iraq route to travel to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and northern Africa. This route as a short and low cost way has many attractions for tourists.
Technical Features:
Khosravi border Terminal has been constructed in 1988 in an area about 9 ha and 14000 square meters infrastructure in border point and includes two separate halls for passengers. It is to be noted that 96 billion rials have been expected for construction of this border terminal.
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