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Operation Permit
-Issue of License for Establishment of International Goods Transportation companies and their Operation Permits
International goods transportation means the movement and carriage of goods from a point inside a country to a point inside another country under applicable Laws of any regulations.
International goods transportation companies are legal entities to be established for operation of international goods transportation, including Forwarding, carrier or the both forms.
According to the By-Law governing the establishment and operation of international goods transportation companies, any operation of international transportation of goods by cooperative, governmental (public) and private sectors needs the license for establishment of company and separation permit in accordance with the provisions of the said by-law. Doing such business is not permitted in case the said permit is not obtained. The operation of those companies and firms having no such permit will be avoided by Road Maintenance and Transportation organization under the cooperation of police and Judicial authorities.
A Summary of Stages

1-Provincial Transportation and Terminals Department of the province examines applications for establishment of such company in accordance with the said by-law, introducing applicants to concerned office in central organization in Tehran in order to participate in the exam.

2- In Case the applicant passes the exam successfully, the provincial Transportation and Terminals Department of the province will visit the equipments and facilities of job site and examines submitted documents and then send the file to the Department of transit and Border terminals and now issue of provisional six-month operation license if the file is returned for the said department and the license for establishment is issued. Following the receiving of required documents, 3Years operation permit is issued.
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