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Traffic Permit
-Issue of Traffic Permit for Foreign Vehicles

Definition of Activity
Traffic permit is a paper issued by the organization of Road Maintenance and Transportation according to law of Traffic of foreign vehicles across the country, determining the specifications of transportation operation, foreign vehicles, either entering or existing, length and path of traffic, time of travel and authorized period of driving for each driver and …… related to the foreign vehicle.
This permit is issued by the agent of the org. in border terminals and delivered to the drivers of foreign vehicles upon their entrance. The traffic of foreign vehicles in country's roads is forbidden if the permit is not obtained.
A summary of stages
1- The driver refers to the agent of the org. positioned in the entry border terminal and submission of required documents.
2- Calculation of fuel price difference and receipt of it from the applicant driver.
3- Issue of traffic permit
4- Submission of the second section of the permit to the agent presenting in the exit point.
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