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Traffic Permit

Issue of Traffic Permit for Iranian Vehicles Carrying Foreign Transit goods
The traffic permit is a paper issued by the organization for Road Maintenance and Transportation on which the specification of the vehicle and transportation operation, including the name entry and exist border, the length and path of traffic, the time of travel and authorized period of driving for internal vehicles (either holding domestic plague or transit plague) carrying transit goods, are inserted. This license is issued by the agent of the org. positioned in borders and given to driver at entry origin and loading in the territory of I.R.Iran.
A Summary of stages
1- The driver or the agent of company refers to the agent of org. presenting in the terminals (entry border) or loading site, and submits required documents
2- Calculation of Tone-Kilometers and receipt of the slip by the applicant
3- Issue of traffic permit
4- Submission of the second section of traffic permit to the agent of the org. Positioned in exist border.
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