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Sero Border Terminal
Geographical Situation:
Sero border terminal is placed in west Azerbaijan province, south-west of Iran and in common border of Iran and Turkey.
The distance of this border to Orumieh, the center of west Azerbaijan province is 55Km. It is to be noted that the nearest city of the opposite country to this border is Yugoslavia with 55Km distance.
Construction Reasons:
Passenger traffic and goods transportation to Turkey, also increasing tendency to pilgrimage to Syria through this border lead to place the improvement of this border on the agenda of Road maintenance and transportation organization.
This border terminal is known as authorized official border by the act of cabinet on October 9, 1981.
International Relations:
Sero border terminal is located in transit route that in part of the route, Silk Road connect East of Asia to the gates of Europe through Turkey. This border can be considered as a connection ring of East of Asia to center of Europe. Holy shrines pilgrims and passengers traffic from Syria is a good motivation for development and expansion of sero border terminal.
Technical features:
The building of sero border terminal has been constructed in 1998 and the plans of development, improvement, renovation and landscaping have been performed in this terminal since 2002. It is to be noted that sero border terminal has been constructed in a land with 2.7 ha (850 square meters for passenger's hall and 1040 square meters for commercial hall). It is to be noted that more than 55 billion rials have been expended for construction of this border terminal.
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