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Jolfa Border Terminal
Geographical situation:
Jolfa border terminal is placed in Eastern Azerbaijan, north – west of the country, in common border with autonomous Nakhchivan Republic and 135 Km away from Tabriz, the center of East Azerbaijan. It is to be noted that Jolfa is the nearest city of the opposite country to this border terminal.
Construction Reasons:
According to Geographical situation, economic feature, political loyalty, religious, cultural and ethnic of the region and also because of touristy attractions, a great many people depart for sightseeing and shopping to this region. Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization based on the seventieth ratified of state official high council as border terminals organizing responsible decided to study comprehensive plan. After canceling visa, passenger traffic trend increased significantly from Nakhchivan to Iran on feet.
This border terminal is known as authorized official border by the act of cabinet on April 29, 1996.
International Relations:
Jolfa Land border terminal is a border pass of Iran's accessibility to countries such as, Azerbaijan Republic, Georgian ports in Black sea coast, main region of TRASICA international transit corridor (one of the ground north-south corridors passages and Turkey). In the course of establishing required facilities for all Nakhchivan citizens, in 1997, Iran – Nakhchivan visa cancelled and since 1999 traffic became 24 hours and in October 2007, a systematic bus line opened in Nakhjavan – Jolfa – Baku and vice versa. On one side, Jolfa custom because of geographical position and large trade and transit transactions volume before former soviet fragmentation was one of the most active customs. Improving road transportation with northern neighbors and Jolfa-Nakhchivan connective bridge called wooden bridge led to traffic increase and improve through these bridge with autonomous Nakhchivan republic.
Technical Features:
Jolfa border terminal has been designed in a land with area of 7 ha in which required buildings and constructions has been formed in 4 ha area and total constructed buildings infrastructure is about 4300 m2. In this plan, passenger hall with more than 3200 m2 area infrastructure has been constructed in two separate halls. A trade hall has been completed and utilized, It is to be noted that 44 billion Rials has been cost for finalizing of this border terminal.
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